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Amanda has a passion for healing and the knowledge and experience to help shine a light on your past, present, and future. Her guidance has helped me to view disease as a catalyst for change rather than something to skip over. You leave with an awareness of your thought patterns so that you can move beyond just surviving your circumstances. When you feel like you are strictly a patient within the modern healthcare field, she is the missing link to bring you through your traumas and into overall health. If you are ready to remove toxic energy from body, mind, and soul but you don’t know the way, I highly recommend Amanda as your guide.

– Kristin H.

“Infinity Tree is truly a unique and personalized journey into self, with Amanda as your guide to help heal and support you along your path. Amanda is welcoming, compassionate and knowledgeable in our sessions together. She allows you to be your authentic self as she listens and validates your feelings in a respectful and accepting manner. Amanda helped me regain perspective over pain management and worked with me through a transitional period in life where I felt stuck and helpless. If you are ready to heal past trauma and move forward, I highly recommend Amanda at Infinity Tree.”  

– Krystal C.

Amanda has helped me in a way that no other conventional therapist could. She truly is a healer in the way that she gets to the deep rooted issue behind your anxiety or other mental health issues you might be struggling with. Amanda helped me to listen to my intuition, connect with the spirit world for support, find self-love while struggling with depression and believe in the power within me to achieve my goals. I wouldn’t be who I am today without the teachings and wisdom I gained from my experience with Amanda. I’m so grateful to have had the time with her that I did, because I am so much stronger today as a result of her healing. Thank you so much Amanda, continue to help heal the world!”

- Jenny M.

I know when I walked out of the session with Amanda I felt calm and at peace. It was like the colors of nature were so brilliant they jumped out at me. The greens were more green, and the blues were more blue. I saw more of what was out there. It woke me up.”  

– Cindy B.

“I am so grateful that I was recommended to Amanda. She has guided me in the direction of self healing and a peace I found within myself. She dedicates all her worldly knowledge and magnetic energy through out the session giving you the most light and love I have ever experienced. I think about the person I was before I met Amanda and am extremely proud of what I have accomplished though the self healing she taught me. I even noticed a difference after the first session. You leave her sessions wide eyed, full of love and light, ready to take on the world. Thank you so much!”

– Cassie C.

I work in an extremely high stress environment, and within one session, Amanda was able to quiet my mind and reduce my stress level. During the session, I felt my wave of anger release, and after, I felt more relaxed and full of energy and was able to be really present with my family on our vacation.”

- Richard B.

Amanda’s amazing talents have helped me navigate some of the most difficult and challenging last couple of years of my life. Amen! I really can’t find the right words to express my gratitude for all of her wonderful help.

– John M.

“Amanda is a rare gift. Her healing skills and her intuitive nature combine to provide me with exceptional care throughout my healing process. I’ve worked with her for years, and her endless energy and strong support continue to help me throughout my journey.” 

– Kim P.

What I love most about working with Amanda is the safety that she provides during each visit. While the world is moving so fast around us, Amanda offers the time and space to slow down, reflect, and receive. Her techniques and natural gift of healing allowed my body to release pain and my heart to open.”

- Erin S.

Amanda is a skilled and gifted energy healer who has great compassion for her clients. She has helped me to remove some obscurations that have prevented me from seeing myself clearly and truthfully. In addition, she has helped me to improve my own energy healing practice. I am blessed to have Amanda traveling with me on my life journey.”

– Tom U.

“Amanda is amazing. I recommend people give this a try. You feel so relaxed, calm and at peace afterwards. I cannot thank Amanda enough for all the help she has given me. She is blessed with a unique gift.”

– Barbara P.

“I started with Amanda not knowing what to expect, but the progress made after one session, is the sum of progress I received after months of therapy elsewhere. Amanda, you’ve created a space that feels relaxed, honest, and open. I’ve never left a session with Amanda without feeling positive effects within a few weeks. I would recommend working with Amanda to anyone.”

-Lisa B .

Amanda is pure joy. I am fortunate to have had private and group vibrational healing sessions with her. I cherish the peace she helps you find.”

– Mary M.

“If it wasn’t for myself looking for a last ditch attempt to find help and the Universe directing me to Amanda Wallis of Infinity Tree Energy Healing & Wellness..I would not be who I am or where I am today. One little truth from Amanda set the course, she told me, “YOU ARE ENOUGH” no one had ever told me that before. I will always be grateful and indebted to Amanda. May all the blessing of the Universe be upon her.”

– Brenda S.

A long overdue review of my first session with Amanda.  So much stress that I think we all try to manage but after one session I was completely relaxed and felt totally at peace.  The Tibetan singing bowls are amazing and truly work.  Plan to schedule another session and eagerly await the return of the group sessions.  Open your mind to a new form of stress relief and calm and contact Amanda.  Thank you again for an amazing session Amanda!”

- Denise J.

Amanda is very professional. She is an amazing healer. I felt comfortable and safe during and after my session.”

– Cheryl E.

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